Christmas Gift

15 December 2003 — Paralleli Trade Fairs donated the sum usually spent in Christmas greeting cards to ABIO, the Italian Association that cares the sick children while they are in hospital.

ABIO – Associazione Bambini In Ospedale – (Children in Hospital Association) is the Italian Chapter of EACH (European Association for Children in Hospital).

ABIO and EACH are involved in the welfare of all children before, during or after a hospital stay. Presently, 18 associations from sixteen European countries and from Japan are members of EACH.

We thought that it might be a little gesture, but not an empty one.

We decided to send our greeting cards by e-mail, at nearly no cost for us, and to donate what we had spent in greeting cards last year to ABIO.

Everybody will still receive our greetings, and some more children will receive a smile.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.