BEWARE – and similar offers

6 January 2004 — We do not like the offer of Construct Data Verlag AG (Austria) and of its site

Beware of the offers
An ambiguous way of doing business

During a show, or after it, by mail, an exhibitor receives the offer to update its data in the FAIR-Guide.

The FAIR-Guide, as you can see on the website, is a database of exhibitions around the world; for each show, besides the essential data (venue, dates, etc.) there is also the list of exhibitors.

The inclusion in this exhibitors’ list (that in our opinion should not cost anything, as the company already participated in the show, and should only be subject to the company’s approval for the publication of its data) is not free.

By signing the Order, the company commits itself to a three year subscription (plus another year in absence of notice of cancellation) costing 971 Euro per year, by a contract not easy to terminate.

In practice the company has its data published on an online directory of world fairs and exhibitions, under the show in which they took part, at a cost of 971 Euro per year, and this for 3 or even 4 years. In case of non payment, the lawyers of the Austrian company become very insistent.

Some Italian companies lodged complaints to the Police and some inquiries have been addressed to the Italian relevant authorities.

Beware of the offers you receive and be careful when signing.

What to do?

  • do not by any means complete or return the form you received to Construct Data Verlag; simply throw it away.
  • if such a form has been inadvertently signed and returned to Construct Data Verlag, which is tantamount to accepting the financial conditions described above, cancel the order by registered letter, and any case do not make the payment and ignore all reminder notes to collect the payments associated with the order and the invoice issued, as sent by Construct Data Verlag or any debt collection companies working on its behalf. As of today there is no evidence that Construct Data Verlag has ever brought an action against any customer.
  • Please report the fact that you have received the form to the trade fair organiser whose name appears on it, as well as to the Austrian Embassy in your country. This will make it easier for the relevant institutions to accumulate evidence to take possible legal steps.